Sharpening accessories to keep your knives in top notch shape: sharpening stones (whetstones), honing rods, sharpening guide clips and more.

You can easily sharpen knives on your own, it just takes a little bit of practice.
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LID 8004 Solid Paste for Razor Strops

Solid Paste for Razor StropsSolid double paste red/black. Red paste: medium grinding effect for pre-..

13 лв.

LID 8005 Tube Paste for Razor Strops

Tube Paste for Razor StropsYellow tube paste. No grinding effect. For leather care and better grindi..

12 лв.

NAN 05M08.01Veritas® Blade Honing Compound

A premium quality polishing compound, which will last for years. Tight quality control, good materi..

42 лв.


Naniwa ceramic Deluxe Knife Sharpening Guide Rail..

15 лв.


Taidea ceramic Deluxe Knife Sharpening Guide Rail..

14 лв.

ASA TOGISHI Diamond coating whetstone knife sharpener

ASAHI TOGGISHI Diamond coating whetstone knife sharpenerSharpener for Japan-made kitchen knifeDiamon..

166 лв.

LID 0519 TAIDEA Butterfly Diamond Sharpener ORANGE

TAIDEA YOYAL Outdoor Knife SharpenerHigh-grade sharpener for outstanding results. Double-sided diamo..

26 лв.

LID 1203 TAIDEA Suction Cup Knife Sharpener

TAIDEA Suction Cup Knife SharpenerVery convenient sharpener for kitchen and pocket knives. A suction..

26 лв.

LID 1204 TAIDEA Kitchen Knife Sharpener

TAIDEA Kitchen Knife Sharpener2-stage-sharpener for both re-edging and maintaining your knife blades..

20 лв.

LID 1406 TAIDEA YOYAL Outdoor Knife Sharpener

TAIDEA YOYAL Outdoor Knife SharpenerExtremely compact, manageable and yet versatile sharpener with t..

56 лв.

LID 6310 TAIDEA 2-Step Knife Sharpener

2-Step Knife Sharpener. "V" shaped carbide sharpener sets edge. Ceramic rods finish the edge. With n..

16 лв.

LID 9059 TAIDEA Pen-Style Diamond Sharpener BLACK

TAIDEA Pen-Style Diamond Sharpener BLACKPen-style diamond sharpener. Each end of the single rod is d..

33 лв.

LID TG 0825 TAIDEA Diamond Household Sharpening Rod

TAIDEA Diamond Household Sharpening RodUsing introduction:1 .Place the plastic tip on the end of the..

66 лв.

LID TG 0843 TAIDEA Ceramic Household Sharpening Rod

Product feature:1. High-performance ceramics ensure effective sharpening results.2. Super hard ceram..

69 лв.

TAI TG 0825 Diamand sharprning rod 25,4 cm

LID TV 1703 Diamand Kitchen Sharpening rodInstructions1. Place the plastic tip on the end of the sha..

59 лв.