The knife design concept is a fusion of western and eastern; Western knife shape and usage and Eastern, Japanese craftsmanship and design.  33 layers of Damascus stainless steel made in Japan with VG-10 steel as a center core steel which is very hard steel and thus, it enables the knife sharpness to last longer.  The wave pattern on the blade, the feature of Damascus steel, looks Japanese in style as if the sharpness is same as traditional Japanese sword, Samurai sword.  Overall knife design is simply sophisticated. There is no rivet on the handle surface. Red ring between the blade and the handle catches eyes.


Hammered pattern on the blade also helps the blade glide easily through food without sticking. 33 layers Damascus stainless steel So-called Damascus steel is multi-layered of microthin stainless steel. 25% of components at the center of layers are called a core steel. Damascus steel used for this SENZO Classic has VG-10 stainless steel as a core steel which is produced only in Japan. The other 75% of components are two different hardness steel layers. The both sides of core steel are compressed with alternately soft steel and hard steel. This makes the blade look like wave patterns by special procedures. VG-10 Damascus steel has been acknowledged widely in the world as the best steel for kitchen knife and a lot of chefs appreciate its performance, longer sharpness as well as its beautiful design. VG-10 is relatively harder material, HRC (a scale of hardness of steel) is about HRC60. This makes steel sharpness last longer due to its abrasion resistance.


Black pakkawood for handle with red ring.

Pakkawood is compressed thin wood layers together with resin. Due to this components, the material is more durable than natural wood.

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SENZO Black33 layers of Black Damascus stainless steel VG-10 steel for cutting core Octagon shape of..

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