These traditional black kitchen knives come from the Goko Hamono smithy in the prefecture of Chiba. The knives are forge-welded and possess a core of Shirogami (white paper steel). Blades made from this type of steel are known for good sharpenability and excellent sharpening results. The octagonal handle is made of wood from the keyaki tree (Japanese zelkova), a light-coloured timber with a beautiful grain; the ferrule is made of ebony. These knives are NOT rustproof and NOT dishwasher-proof! Clean with water and a detergent, then lightly oil the blade, preferably with camellia oil. Durezza 59 - 60 HRC.

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NAN GH-210Gy GYUTO KNIFE [Shirogami]

Gyuto:Inspired by the profile of a traditional European chef knife, Gyutos are a multi purpose knife..

392 лв.