The Kershaw pocket knives are made in Portland Oregon since 1974. They are among the most popular and innovative in the industry. Legendary for arriving "shaving sharp," Kershaw products are respected worldwide. Solid materials and a superior production process ensure that your Kershaw knife gives you long term pleasure. Ken Onion Products Kershaw offers a variety of folding knives featuring Ken Onion's patent pending "Speed Safe" mechanism incorporating torsion bar technology for assisted opening, whereby the knife can be unfolded very quickly in a safe and authorised way. These open at an accelerated rate once started. They are not considered "automatic openers" and are legal in most jurisdictions. The knives are suitable for outdoor activities and outdoor sports like fishing. Kershaw is also known for the speed safe opening.

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KER 1600 JEEP Kershaw Folding Pocket Knife

THE Jeep JUST MIGHT BE THE PERFECT LITTLE POCKETKNIFEWith its less-than-two-inch blade, the Jeep is ..

102 лв.

KER 1600BLK Kershaw Chive Folding Pocket Knife

THE CHIVE JUST MIGHT BE THE PERFECT LITTLE POCKETKNIFEWith its less-than-two-inch blade, the Chive i..

120 лв.

KER 1610 Kershaw Centofante Folding Pocket Knife

Plain EdgeWhen Frank Centofante and Ken Onion got together to design a knife they wanted something n..

102 лв.

KER 1620C Kershaw SCALLION, CAMO Folding Pocket Knife

THE RIGHT-SIZED SCALLION FOR YOUR NEXT HUNTING TRIPThe Scallion is one of our most popular knives. W..

105 лв.

KER 1760 Kershaw SKYLINE G10/SW Folding Pocket Knife

SLIM, SHARP, AND SIMPLY MUST-HAVEEven if you’ve never carried a knife with you every day, the Skylin..

136 лв.

KER 1776 Kershaw LINK PLASTIC/SW Folding Pocket Knife


102 лв.

KER 1812GRY DIVIDENT ALUM GRY/SW Folding Pocket Knife

2017 BLADE SHOW WINNER—BEST BUYThe success of Kershaw’s made-in-the-USA Link series has yielded a Di..

119 лв.

KER 1905 INDUCTION Folding Pocket Knife

FEEL THE ATTRACTIONIn Physics, “induction” is the production of a magnetic state due to the proximit..

102 лв.

KER 1920 SELECT FIRE MULTI TOOL Folding Pocket Knife

BITS + A BIG BLADEMost multi-tools include a plethora of “tools,” many of which are not actually ver..

85 лв.

KER 1990 BRAWLER Folding Pocket Knife

MIX IT UP WITH THE BRAWLERThe Brawler starts with a modified tanto blade—a shape often found in tact..

85 лв.

KER 2460 Kershaw VEDDER Pocket Knife

Kershaw's Vedder offers distinctive looks and top function.On the style side of the equation, the Ve..

102 лв.

KER 3410 Kershaw CHILL Multifunctional Pocket Knife Out Of Stock

KER 3410 Kershaw CHILL Multifunctional Pocket Knife

CLEAN LINE, COOL PERFORMANCEThe Chill offers you amazing value in a slim, lightweight, and inexpensi..

65 лв.

KER 3460 Kershaw WESTIN Multifunctional Pocket Knife

CLASS AND CONVENIENCEDesigned by Les George, the Westin’s long, lean lines make it a good-looking ca..

76 лв.

KER 4007 Kershaw Secret Agent

This Boot Knife's Mission is to Offer Both Performance and ValueThe model number of our Secret Age..

80 лв.

KER 6034T Kershaw CQC-7K Multifunctional Pocket Knife

WINNER OF THE 2014 BLADE SHOW'S BEST BUY AWARDKershaw Knives and Emerson Knives have joined forces o..

102 лв.