Fashion, lifestyle, media world – Japan is ahead of time. Whatever is going to develop, Tokyo already has it.  Japanese products are also in great demand around the world. The Far Eastern blend of harmony, minimalism and function combined with convincing quality leads to a magic formula of a great number of popular lifestyle products. KAI products have long had cult status in Japan with an unmistakable degree of recognition. Founded in Seki in 1908, the company has for 100 years developed and sold cutlery and related products of excellent sharpness and function. On the European market, the high-quality products are currently found in different focal points. The common denominator quality and perfection is based on the centuries-old tradition and culture of the Japanese Samurai sword smithy.

For everyone who values a well-groomed appearance, KAI offers proven high-quality Beauty Care devices for daily body care. Six different series have been developed to the highest standards of function and design that are comfortable and safe to handle and impress with their noble and simple shapes. This concept is embodied by Jorge González, who now endorses our products.

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KAI KE0106 Nail clippers Type 101

Nail clippers: stainless steel, plastic incl. nail file and nail catcher (25 x 90 mm)..

36 лв.

KAI KE0107 Nail clippers Type 102

Nail clippers: stainless steel, plastic incl. nail file and nail catcher (23 x 93 mm)..

52 лв.

KAI 45035020 Polishing strop set

With the ceiling set from KAI, a freshly sharpened knife can get a final polish and maximum shar..

114 лв.

KAI 45500610 Camellia Oil 100 ml

This highly refined "Kurobara" (black rose) brand Camellia oil, has been produced from the..

49 лв.

LID 8001 Herold Razor Strop

Razor strop, suitable for solid or tube strop paste. Swivel and handle nickel plated. Overall length..

72 лв.

LID 8003 Polishing strop 2 side Herold Razor Strop with Clamping Fixture

Herold Razor Strop with Clamping FixtureRazor strop with clamping fixture. Pre-sharpening on reverse..

88 лв.