Our mission


CHUNCHE LTD is a trading company established in 2005 and supply on the Bulgarian market :

Professional and household kitchen knives KAI- Japan; Pocket knives for hunting and fishing Kershaw-USA; Hunting knives Ворсменский нож (Vorsmenski noj) – Russia; Hand saws Silky- Japan; Razor-sharp shears Okatsune- Japan; Water grindstones Naniwa- Japan; Diamond grindstones Atoma- Japan; Men’s care- nail clippers, nippers, nail files; Kitchen aprons- Bulgaria; Handmade kitchen boards End Green technology- Bulgaria;

The blades of our selected suppliers are made of Japanese high-quality steel and there is used an ancient technique known from the time when samurai made their swords. These steels provide an excellent combination of razor-sharpness, easy and quick sharpening and corrosion resistance. They are designed and crafted to serve you all your life. The company also offers professional sharpening of your knives and scissors.

Contact person:

Name: Georgi Chunchev
Position: Manager
Phone: 0884243880
Email: sales@chunche-bg.com


You can e-mail us at office@chunche-bg.com or by clicking HERE

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